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Joe and Afton Swanson are a husband and wife drag racing team from Denver, Iowa.

We started racing together in the NHRA Top Dragster category in 2014. Over the years, we have competed in NHRA Divisional and National events in 10 states.

We are a unique team because it is just the two of us, a 26 year old driver and 28 year old crew chief, campaigning a 2000 hp race car. Operating a Top Dragster team is very demanding and requires a lot of time and effort to maintain a competitive race car. We are the youngest team in the country competing at this level, so it is exciting to be a part of such a competitive class as Top Dragster.

Since we began competing in Top Dragster, we have upgraded our race motor extensively to keep pace with the growing class. In 2015 we bought a new car that was built to handle high horsepower. We are now one of the fastest Top Dragster teams in the country, stopping the clocks at 6.00 seconds and 230 mph in the 1/4 mile.

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